It is hard to believe, but the design of your kitchen can help you lose weight. This is because there are areas in your kitchen that may play some part in weight gain. Large kitchen utensils, large pantries and large overall kitchens are encouraging you to overeat. What you see and don’t see in the kitchen influences what you eat. For example, if cookies are displayed in a glass cookie jar, those delicious things are more likely to get eaten. Equally, fresh fruit and vegetables that are hidden in the refrigerator are less likely to become an after school snack. Environmental issues, like how cluttered your kitchen is and the lighting, for example, also influence eating.

The right kitchen style, workspace and appliances will help inspire you to cook new and easy healthy foods that are low in calories and carbohydrates. Here are some of the things you can change in your kitchen to help you lose weight.


Paint your kitchen in neutral colours, like pale blues and violet, because they help decrease appetite. Bright and vivid colours like red and orange tend to make you hungrier. Now, are you still wondering why most of the fast food restaurants use vibrant tones?


Installing beautiful lighting systems can add warmth and character to your kitchen, but too much lighting can ignite your appetite. A US study showed that a person is likely to eat about 18% less with subtle lighting and soft music playing. So create an ambient atmosphere by turning down the lights and playing soft music to help you shed pounds.


Consider reorganising the contents of your kitchen cabinets. Store the ice cream maker, deep fryer and other kitchen cookware in the cabinets near the ceiling where they are harder to reach; otherwise, they might encourage you to cook unhealthy foods. Put items such as salad spinners, grillers, rice cookers and the likes in places that are easy to reach. This way, you are more likely to use them to cook well-balanced foods.

Organisers and Storage Spaces

An organised kitchen discourages the family from eating out, which in turn leads to better nutrition, money savings on food and more family bonding. Start de-cluttering your kitchen by using cabinet organisers where you can store and easily see your healthy seasonings, spices and oils. Install covered countertop storage to avoid clutter.

If you are considering a renovation to slim down your kitchen, consult professionals to help you with a functional kitchen design that will allow you to remain at a healthy weight or help you lose weight. Insync Kitchens has 27 years of carpentry, cabinet making and boutique kitchen design experience. The family owned business specialises in custom made kitchen cabinetry made from the finest materials and finishes. Insync Kitchens uses 3D design software to allow customers to see their dream kitchen before making a final decision. For more cabinet designs for a tidier kitchen, visit